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Whitby Campus Expanding

Grad Showcase
Here are some photos from our recent graduation ceremony. 
 Mr. Bartolini congratulating Lorraine Maheux.  Opening remarks by the Director of KLC  College, Stephen Bartolini
Al Olson, Smiths Falls Campus Co-ordinator, congratulating Sarah Parent as Stephen Bartolini, Director, looks on. 
The graduates are led by Charles Ackerman and Veronica Robidoux, Director of Operations. 

Our Dental Students
Here are some shots of our dental students at work.

Becky Meeks using the air-water syringe and suction, performing a full mouth rinse. 

Heather Welch and Jillian Harrison practicing oral evacuation.

Our Richmond Hill Graduation
A few pictures of our recent graduation in June

Christina Serrentino-Valedictorian Judy MacLeod, Christine Ming-Rudder, Sasha Lepage, Lyndsay McCallum, Malgorzata Sankiewicz, Renee Macgillivary, Connie Gravel, Paulette Iturralde, Amanda Flynn, Allan Ashby, Norm Rudd

Pharmacy Pictures for KLC College
Here are some shots of our pharmacy students at work.

Marilyn Hawley  Wendy Leroux, Caroline Fleming
David Alan preparing a compound   Kevin Cochrane opening a jar