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          " For the past few weeks, I have been receiving physiotherapy treatment at PT Health's Seaway Physiotherapy Clinic in Prescott, Ontario. During this time, one of your graduates, Mr. Robert Guy, has been doing placement there. Robert has been working with one of Seaway's physiotherapists on my problems. He has worked with both the therapist and on his own attempting to correct my concerns. As a therapist, he has shown himself to be quite knowledgeable, working on both relieving my pain while continuing to work on re-setting my displaced hip and nerve patterns. The physiotherapist does not have any reservations about leaving Robert to conduct therapy as per instructions given to him. While proceeding with the therapy, Robert takes great care not to cause unnecessary pain while making sure to check on the status of the therapy being given."

"I regret knowing that Robert's placement is ending this week as I feel my progress can be reflected in his thorough knowledge of the techniques that need to be utilized to correct my concerns. While I know that Seaway Physiotherapy will continue to work with me, I wish he was staying on there as a full therpist. I would like to commend KLC College on their training program after seeing the quality of therapists that graduate from their program."

"I would highly recommend Robert Guy as a therapist to any potential employer that Robert should apply to and I would hope that KLC College would recommend him also to potential employers as he is an excellent example of a graduate of their training program."                                                                                                 George Morritt

"As a graduate of the Dental Assisting Level II program from KLC college, I'm want to congratulate you on the completion of the new dental clinic.

I feel the new addition extremely valuable in allowing students to gain more unlimited clinical time, & will provide new graduates with a more confident approach to the work world.

From experience I feel the new clinic KLC has provided is both an extreme asset to current and past students. Just recently, I had contacted Cindy Coulter asking for her assistance in helping me prepare for the NDAEB clinical exam. Cindy was able to offer me invaluable clinic time to practice the 9 competencies in which I wouldn't have otherwise been able to simulate. 

I want to personally thank you and Cindy for the wonderful addition to the dental assisting program. The clinic, along with Cindy's mound of expertise & knowledge was a huge leg up for me, and feel it will be just as helpful to many students."     Sarah Amey   Dental Graduate

" I enrolled in KLC College's Dental Assisting Level II Program. It was here that I was formerly educated by the outstanding Cindy Coulter CDA II, RDH and Sue Watson, RDH. Cindy's exceptional knowledge and abilities to teach are truly impeccable, combined with industry passion and professionalism it made my leanring experience a positive one."     Luc Moulton  Dental Graduate

"I feel the Dental Assisting program at KLC gave me the knowledge, confidence and skills to prepare me for a career as a dental assistant. The instructors, placement and hands on experience, gave me the tools I needed to become the CDAII I am today. I am enjoying a satisfying and fulfilling career, all thanks to KLC."                                       Cindy Burgess Dental Graduate

"My experience in the Dental Assisting program at Kingston Learning Centre, not only prepared me for my Career, it prepared me for life outside of my career. I gained skills of self confidence through the interactions with the students as well as our educator Cindy Coulter. Cindy understood the struggles as I attempted this intense course while trying to be a mother to three small children and she never let me give up. Our hands on clinic time gave me the confidence to interview almost immediately after our Graduation. The lessons were thorough and no question went unanswered.

I have been working in my field now for the last four years. I love what I do and thank KLC for helping me to achieve this life goal."             Samantha St Pierre Dental Graduate

"I received my NDAEB clinical exam results yesterday. I am more than thrilled to tell you, I passed all nine competencies with flying colours!
Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without your amazing help and the new KLC clinic ." 
                                                Sarah Amey Dental Graduate