How to Stand Out in Your Internship After Completing Accounting Clerk Training

accounting clerk training

Internships are often referred to as long interviews since they can sometimes lead to actual job offers. Even those that don’t turn into permanent jobs, however, still provide interns an excellent opportunity to gain on-the-job experience, which employers highly value.

Students of KLC College who successfully complete their accounting clerk and bookkeeping courses complete a 100-hour internship. Here’s how to stand out during your internship so that you can give your career a head start.

Do Your Research and Treat Your Internship Like a Real Job from Day One

While your internship may be unpaid, you should still be treating it like a real job. After all, your performance is likely being evaluated and it could have a real impact on your future career prospects. You can show your supervisors you’re serious about the role by researching the company beforehand, including how large it is, how long it has been around for, and what it does. With this research, you’ll come across as better prepared for the position and you’ll feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.

Another great way to show that you are taking your internship seriously is by dressing professionally. Even if the dress code says that jeans and a T-shirt are acceptable for interns, it rarely hurts to choose a more professional look. Dressing the part of a professional will help you feel more confident while also helping you stand out as somebody who could potentially be considered for a future hire.

Taking your internship seriously, such as by dressing professionally, can help you stand out

Taking your internship seriously, such as by dressing professionally, can help you stand out

Volunteer for Projects That Put Your Accounting Clerk Training to Use

Your internship is your chance to apply what you learned during your accounting clerk training to the real world. To get the most out of your internship, you should volunteer for opportunities that align with your training. For example, during your training you’ll learn how to use a number of software programs, like Simply Accounting and QuickBooks Pro. If you see a chance to put these skills to use in the office, then volunteer to do so. You’ll gain valuable experience and you’ll be showing your supervisors that you have job-ready skills.

However, when volunteering for new tasks, it’s important to only take on what you can handle. Showing your supervisors that you can follow guidelines and do a job well is better than trying to finish as many tasks as possible without regard to quality.

Build Up Your Network by Introducing Yourself to Everyone in the Office

When it comes to career advancement, who you know is often just as important as what you know. In fact, one LinkedIn survey found that 80 per cent of professionals consider networking to be important for success in their careers. Your internship following career college is a great opportunity to build a professional network.

Use your internship as a chance to meet other professionals and build your network

Use your internship as a chance to meet other professionals and build your network

Start by introducing yourself to everyone in the office. Getting to know your coworkers helps you establish connections that could potentially lead to opportunities. Many of your coworkers may go onto careers at other companies. If you make a memorable impression today, they could keep you in mind for openings at those companies in the future. Furthermore, by taking an interest in your coworkers, you’re proving that you’re part of a team.

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